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 Cobra_SFX - Who is he?

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the COBRANS furomer
the COBRANS furomer

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PostSubject: Cobra_SFX - Who is he?   Wed May 19, 2010 2:04 pm

I guess i better give you some background on myself coz some must be wondering who the hell i am haha ... Ive been a gamer since the internet arrived (and well before it too in the old spectrum/amstrad/atari st/amiga days etc etc), i used to run a Medal of Honor clan when that first came out, done the clanbase stuff etc etc but lost interest in all that when the hax started appearing, so took up modding instead and we made a website (, im retired from Moh modding now I moved to BF2 when that first came out, played a long time online ... until yes - hax appeared and so went into modding the single player for fun (and some multiplayer), done maps in the editor etc etc and lost interest again then came back again.

Clans - i dont know if i wanna go down that route again, been there done all that etc etc, but i certainly dont mind helping you guys with modding needs, im also testing in the background what else can be done serverside to see if i can get more out of the game, ill keep you informed of any progress or new stuff

Any questions? just ask Smile

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Cobra_SFX - Who is he?
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