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COBRANS GAMING - Registration Agreement Terms

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read the rules below before entering cobrans community"""the name of the team/clan/members shall be known as COBRANS,a gaming community who upholds the declaration of principles be governed in a democratic way and shall adhere all tenets and principles under the constitution of the jews upsilon beta omega fraternity and poster lifetime in memory in the part of gaming around the all country,promoting welfare of the gamers,promote character development impose discipline and develop moral virtues such as patience,self control, self confidence, obedience and ethical virtues such as respect responsibilities, justice, unity and peace.a gaming community who believe as gaming is the part of a life, a community who believe in GOD and fear of the laws of GOD.a gaming community that build noble leaders and better citizen for tomorow.a community that works for better in greater involvement in the affair of the country where we live.every rights of the members is pertinent of the heads command and obey, this will only applies in game..inside rules:foul language is prohibited and not allowed to this community, see the ingame rules clearly stated.Base RapeBase rape on foot is allowed,Base rape with vehicles is only allowed when the attacking team has all bases captured. Base raping with vehicles when one or more bases are neutral is allowed until captured by the opposing team.Base BordersThe map borders for which base rape is allowed will be decided by the administrator. Use discretion when attacking near enemy base and allow enemy to gain distance before attacking. Aircraft must be a reasonable distance off the ground before they can be targeted, unless engaging.Defensive AttackBombardment of artillery and UAV trailers is allowed at any time and will not be considered base rape.Artillery strikes are allowed anywhere and at any time and will not be considered base rape.PingPlayers with low ping will be given priority over players with high ping when servers are full. Players with high ping are advised to visit servers closer to where they live. Players with exaggerated pings over 400 will be automatically removed from the servers – these will usually be caused by insufficient bandwidth and can be easily resolved with troubleshooting.Team KillIntentional team-kill is not allowed. Any action resulting a team player getting killed will be considered team-kill. Continuous team-kill will result a player being kicked or banned from the servers.Driving a vehicle, exiting or seat switching before the vehicle comes to complete stop in order to hit a team player is a team-kill and will result a kick or ban from the servers. Getting team players killed by causing vehicles close to them to explode will also be considered team kill.Forced Team KillForcing a team member to team-kill so he can be punished will result a kick or ban. Accidental forced team-kills may be forgiven by an admin if the player chooses not to punish. Excessive forced team-killing will result a kick or ban.C4 ExplosivesThe use of C4 to keep team members away from vehicles is not allowed and will result a kick or ban. Players using C4 explosives to launch teammates off the carrier or cause team-kill will be kicked or banned without warning.RedliningFlying a fully occupied helicopter to the outside borders of the map in order to get the gunner killed will result a permanent ban without warning.Destroying Team VehiclesShooting and destroying unoccupied team vehicles is not allowed. Excessive shooting of an unoccupied team vehicle will result a kick or ban.Cheating / Glitching / HackingHacking /Cheating or glitching of any kind will result a permanent ban without warning.Foul LanguagePlease remember children play on the servers. Foul language will not be tolerated. Variants and misspellings of banned words will be considered foul language as well and will result a kick or a ban at the admin’s discretion. Please be respectful to all players. Any comments or offenses intended to cause arguments, such as calling someone a “noob,” will result a warning or a kick.Seat-Switching / Flying SoloSeat-switching and flying solo are allowed if a chopper is available and no other players request a pickup. Refusing to leave the base with a gunner or crashing the chopper intentionally will result a kick. Seat-switching is not allowed under any circumstances and will result a kick or a round ban.SpammingSpamming on the servers, either through radio or text, will result a kick from the server. Radio spamming as commander will result a round or permanent ban without warning. It’s to the admin’s discretion to decide what is considered spam.Name ViolationsPlayers with names containing words considered foul language will be warned and kicked from the server, given the opportunity to come back with a different name. Likewise, players whose names purposely resemble other players’ names, and players who through a tag associate themselves with a team they don’t belong to, will be warned and kicked. Repeatedly resuming to the servers with a name violation will result a permanent ban.CommandingAs a commander, please respond to squad leaders’ requests for supplies, artillery, UAV and orders. Piloting or gunning any aircraft is not allowed unless it is used for transport. Likewise, any action which causes serious distraction from the main role of commanding is not allowed. Inactivity as commander will result mutiny and/or a kick from the server.